Step 2: Find out more about your local site

Check out MAGIC maps if you’re interested in understanding where different habitats are in Cornwall.

You’ll firstly need to start mapping out your local environment, or the assets that you own if you’re a local council.

This step might seem a little daunting. But there are plenty of resources out there. Check out this video for inspiration. You can also access habitat survey training here.

Before you even step outside, you can access a range of information about your local environment on the following websites/mapping tools:

After you have a draft map of the area that you want to manage better for nature, from what you have found online, it’s a good idea to get out outside. Walking surveys and field surveys are a great way to get even more localised information. For example, hedgerows can be surveyed to find out how many different types of shrubs and plants are growing in them.