Town and Parish Councils

Whether you are part of a large Town Council with a variety of responsibilities, or a small rural parish with limited assets, this page is for any local authority wanting to do more for nature.

The type and extent of the assets you own or manage will influence what you can do for nature, but every local authority can do something. So whether you minimise security lighting, declare a climate emergency or plant a community orchard – every little helps. And remember, it’s not just about spending money on developing new projects – simple changes like reducing mowing can yield major benefits for wildlife.

If you have ideas about how Cornwall Council and Town and Parish Councils can work together better, or if your council is already working for nature, please get in touch.


As a Town or Parish Council you have a unique opportunity to help nature thrive. Explore the local council idea guide to get inspired.

Develop your policies

This Environmental Policy Template provides a range of policies which can help local councils clarify their position, promote action and secure good outcomes for nature. Pick and choose the policies which are relevant and/or priorities in your area, and adapt them to create your own policy document.

Find funding

Explore our funding page for ways to finance your projects.

Link with your local groups

There are lots of amazing community groups which you could work with and support. Explore your local groups.